Another Kyle Adventure

Hello @kemitchell! Thank you for inviting me on Another Kyle Adventure (AKA).

I forgot to tell him this in person. But there are A Lot of Adventure Names, and I have trouble keeping track. I have enjoyed my rogue classes in the Canting Tribe, and I have been looking for an excuse to up my Druid levels with Blue Oak.

But social License Farming seems like a very good thing.

What button do I press to get a Data Portability Promise Recognition, or DAPPR for short?

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Here’s Van’s license, slightly adapted by me, into Markdown: Cryptographic Autonomy License draft v1.0-Beta

Here’s my clean-slate take on it: Open Service Compact v1.0.0-beta.1 Start with the “Acceptable Service Policy”

Neither one of those have good acronyms.

I read OSC. Needs a user friendly version. Does not spark joy in me as a user.

Local first sofware article:

Has 7 ideals:

  1. No spinners: your work at your fingertips
  2. Your work is not trapped on one device
  3. The network is optional
  4. Seamless collaboration with your colleagues
  5. The Long Now
  6. Security and privacy by default
  7. You retain ultimate control

What are the 7 ideals of OSC? Which of the above 7 can we adopt for OSC?

P.S. Link to Blue Oak in OSC 404s and OSC license terms does not appear to be a clickable link? Also why is that whole page locked?

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Found the Fair Data Society via some tweeting:

Some more principles to consider.

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@vanl don’t miss this link. I have it top of my list to read today.