Open Service Compact v1.0.0-beta.1

License Terms and Acceptable Service Policy

License Terms

Open Service Compact License Terms

Version v1.0.0-draft.1


This compact gives everyone as much permission to work with this software as possible, while protecting users from exploitation and contributors from liability.


These terms and an accompanying acceptable service policy make up the terms of a compact for this software. You may not accept this compact without accepting the policy, too.


In order to enter this compact and receive any licenses, you must agree to its rules. The rules of this compact are both obligations under an agreement among developers, providers, and users of this software, and conditions to all licenses under this compact. You must not do anything with this software that triggers a rule that you cannot or will not follow. You may end your participation in this compact at any time, but all your licenses for this software end with it.


Any contributor to this software, any recipient of this license, and any user of this software or software services provided with it can enforce any rule of this compact.

Illegal Terms

If any adjudicator of this compact decides than any part of this compact is invalid or unenforceable, but enforcing the rest of this compact would not defeat its purpose, then rest of this compact will still apply.


Each contributor licenses you to do everything with this software and within the acceptable service policy that would otherwise infringe that contributor’s copyright in it.


You must ensure that everyone who gets a copy of any part of this software from you, with or without changes, also gets the text of this license or a link to <{url}>.


If anyone notifies you in writing that you have not complied with Notices, you can keep your license by taking all practical steps to comply within 30 days after the notice. If you do not do so, your license ends immediately.


Each contributor licenses you to do everything with this software and within the acceptable service policy that would otherwise infringe any patent claims they can license or become able to license.


No contributor can revoke any license under this compact.

No Liability

As far as the law allows, this software comes as is, without any warranty or condition, and no contributor will be liable to anyone for any damages related to this software or this license, under any kind of legal claim, except for breaches of the acceptable service policy.

Acceptable Service Policy

Open Service Compact Acceptable Service Policy

Version v1.0.0-draft.1


This policy guarantees users of this software transparency, access, and control over both this software and the data about them processed by it.


This policy and accompanying license terms make up the terms of a compact for this software. You may not accept this compact without the license terms, too.



With the sole exception of Prototypes, you must contribute all software that invokes this software’s functionality, as well as changes and additions to this software, according to Contributing.


You need not contribute prototype changes, extensions, or applications that you do not end up using for more than fourteen calendar days, share with anyone else, or use to provide a service to anyone else.


When this license requires you to contribute software:


Publish all source code for that software, in the preferred form for making changes, through a freely accessible distribution system widely used for similar source code, so the developer and others can find and copy it.


Promptly answer users’ written requests for the location where you have published the software.


Ensure that each part of the source code for the software is licensed to the public under one of these:

  1. Open Service Compact License Terms version {version}

  2. The Blue Oak Model License 1.0.0

  3. any of the following licenses, by Software Package Data eXchange identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent, MIT, BSD-2-Clause, BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD, BSD-2-Clause-NetBSD, ISC, UPL-1.0, Apache-2.0, ECL-2.0


You may choose license terms only for software you contribute. You may not change the license terms for this software.


Take these steps within thirty calendar days of creating or using the software for the first time.



Do not take any action to prevent participants from processing data they have the legal right to process.


Promptly fulfill participants’ written requests for copies of data you have that they have the legal right to access, in the preferred form for processing with this software, gratis or at cost, without unreasonable or unnecessary expense.


Do not take any action to stop participants from doing what this compact licenses them to do, unless it is illegal.

Permit Circumvention

Allow other participants to circumvent technical protection measures that violate Processing, Copies, or Exercise.