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KernelCare is one of the best world’s finest defenders of the Linux kernels, which puts an end to rebooting servers. Is a fully paid extension. Moreover, it can automatically update your system’s Linux® kernel without the need for a reboot. The kernel is considered the central module of the operating system. KernelCare Cheap License is the main part of the operating system that usually loads first, and it remains in the main memory. That’s why the kernel must be as small as possible while still providing all the compulsory services required by other parts of the operating system and applications. 

Furthermore, it is responsible for memory management, processes, task management, and risk management. By installing the best and the latest kernel update along with kernel security patches, you will be able to avoid or minimize all the potential issues. While keeping your kernel updated usually will take many hours. In addition to server downtime, the kernel can cause stress for system admins and even clients alike.

After applying the kernel updates and patches, the server has to be rebooted. Such reboots commonly have to be done during off-peak hours. This stress is never welcome at all but avoiding server reboots altogether can easily create a plethora of issues and security concerns. With the help of KernelCare installed on your server, security updates are applied automatically after every four hours on a running server without downtime. This will completely remove the need to reboot the server after making the updates.

However, It works in both, the live and staging environments, and for the servers located behind the firewall, there is a portal to help you to manage it. To avoid having to coordinate the server reboots with your system users and the customers. This amazing extension protects Linux servers against critical security flaws and vulnerabilities. It commonly installs kernel updates on the fly without rebooting the server.

KernelCare also gives you the following benefits:

  • Checking for the updates after every four hours
  • Much supportive for the manual or automatic updates
  • Always displays the server uptime
  • Faster release of the patches for new vulnerabilities in the supported kernels
  • Allow you the rollback capability without rebooting with a single command
  • Usually, updates take the nanoseconds
  • You can install it with a single line of code and takes just minutes to be up-to-date.
  • Keep your servers always on
  • It will never miss a critical patch

Install kernalcare:

To install it on your device you have to must disable the Secure Boot if you have enabled Secure Boot previously on your device.

Check for the compatible kernels:

Before you buy and install, you have to make sure that your system possesses a compatible kernel.

Run your desired command:

You can choose between two different SSH commands to begin the KernelCare installation process on your device. To start the KernelCare installation process, you have to run the commands:

KernelCare installation process

Register its license key:

You can also skip this step if you have bought a KernelCare license from the cPanel Store. KernelCare licenses commonly use IP-based licensing, which you don’t need to register at all. Follow the key,

KernelCare license key

Manually check for the patch updates:

It will also automatically check for new patches every four hours. If you want to check for the new patches yourself, then just run the following command:


You can also remove kernel care from Plesk and removed it with Plesk.


  • It can deliver better service to your customers
  • There is no need to coordinate server reboots by your system users and customers
  • No conflicts with the applications that run on the server
  • Supports automatic updates or managed all the updates in a live environment
  • Ensure maximum security with the fast installation of security patches and updates

Also, lower operating costs for the server management by avoiding the mundane tasks of performing all server updates.


Imunify360 can easily detect, attack, and blocks the issues. Moreover, it will also do malware detection and threads and clean up the works like a charm. Imunify360License is also considered the automated security solution, that is powered by AI and Proactive Defense that will fully protect your web servers from infections, maintain the secure kernels, and keep you in the know with all the relevant information. It is a fact that imunify Security is the perfect and best choice for web hosting companies who are serious about security.

With full integration and modular organization, imunify360 Cpanel scales with you’re all needs and helps you to provide a secure and reliable web hosting service. Furthermore, it’s multi-layered defense architecture that ensures you precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses. Imunify360 also keeps your Linux web servers fully safe.

How to Install Imunify360 cloudlinux

To install the best imunify360 cloudlinux on your server, you have to follow these steps:

Firstly log in to the server as a root user. Then go to the home page directory and install Imunify360 by running the following keys

imunify360 install

After that, run the following command to add the license key in it.  If you want to install the beta version of Imunify360, then run the above command with the addition of –beta argument.

If your server license is IP based, then you can run the following bundle of commands to install Imunify360 on your server.

To check all the other available options for the installation script, run the following command.

If your registration key gets passed later, then run the following Imunify360-agent key to register an activation key.

If your server license is IP based, run the following Imunify360-agent command to register it.

Imunify360 last update:

After the release of any new stable Imunify360 version, the system will automatically upgrade to the new version within just two weeks after the release. You have to run the following commands if you do not want to wait for that time and want to update Iunify360 to the latest version.

How to uninstall Imunify360

You can run the following command to uninstall Imunify360

If you have deleted already, then you need to download it again on your device by running and then proceed with the uninstallation.

After that uninstallation of Imunify360, you have to remount CageFS and remove all the files from the user’s local directories. If you didn’t follow these instructions, the Apache log generates some issues or errors as these files are not removed automatically during the uninstallation process in CloudLinux OS. You need to run the following command to update and remount the CageFS in CloudLinux OS.


  • Provide you automated Malware Scanner with Cleanup
  • Contains advanced WAF with Machine-Learning Ruleset
  • Moreover, it offers you Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Much proactive Defense for PHP Websites
  • Offers you software Patch Management
  • Web Shield with the Integrated CAPTCHA
  • Hosting Panels Integration is unique
  • Analyze the data, vulnerable and outdated packages
  • Quickly notifies the admin about software issues.

Sitepad license:

SitePad website builder free always allow you to design professional websites by using an easy to use editor. A lot of responsive themes are included in it which covers a wide range of categories such as blogs, business, portfolios, restaurants, travel, and many more. SitePad is a Website Builder that is considered integrated into site pad Cpanel and can be easily installed into cPanel in just a few minutes. Moreover, SitePad License is fully integrated with cPanel and your users can build their websites by using 527 themes available here.

Moreover, SitePad Cheap License makes it much easy to build your website with a simple and easy to use drag and drop editor with 40+ amazing widgets. In case if you want to purchase more than five licenses then you may opt-in for this best Program.

Furthermore, this program is best suited for the Datacenters, Large Web Hosts, VPS Providers, and Dedicated Server Providers. It also gives you easy to use API to integrate with your billing system. Here you can claim a Refund for your transactions. However, its unique feature is renewed licenses automatically before it expires. It works on a lot of Web Hosting Control Panels i.e. cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc. It’s much easy to integrate SitePad into custom control panels too.

As an introductory offer, for the entire customer with a QuadraNet server, now we are offering the first three months free on a SitePad license for any QuadraNet customer who is fully interested in trying this website builder out. While there is no obligation to renew it after three months! You can even create multiple websites with the help of it. This is also ideal for those people who operate multiple businesses but are looking to create the websites for each business in a fast, effective, and very simple way.


  • Sitepad offers you Integration with many Control Panels
  • Gives you 300+ Response Themes
  • 40+ amazing Widgets
  • Just one Click Publish and Easy to Use Editor

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