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How to Enable JetBackup License in Cpanel Complete Guide

Jetbackup Cpanel is the best and full of featured WHM cPanel Plugin software that allows you to run a backup of your server data at any time. JebBackup License contains features more than the regular cPanel backup. Moreover, it is considered the world’s fastest-growing cPanel Backup Software. JetBackup cheap license is also one of the leading backup solutions for the cPanel& WHM that offers you a user-friendly GUI.

However, it provides you the settings for automation of backups as well as restores on a job. JetBackup is also very helpful for you to take the backup of your cPanel accounts and files fastly and efficiently through cPanel remote incremental backups, and this gives a lot of other features, including multi-scheduling, account filters, GDRP mode, hybrid backups, custom hooks, and much more.

Cheap and Reliable License Hosting Software:

If you are in search of cheap and reliable License Hosting Software then you are in the right place. We are the best option for all licenses hosting software, guaranteed, and quality. You can create unlimited backup jobs and destinations through jet backup. Cpanel JetBackup System requires:

  • The Remote Access Key and the latest stable cPanel version
  • Cent Operating System / Cloud Linux and RedHat 6+
  • Cpanel Jet Backup complete Installation

To install JetBackup you have to log in to your server as root and run the following commands

install JetBackup

  • Once you finish the installation, you can now easily configure and add your license from the cPanel/WHM control panel. After login to your WHM server GUI by using the root user, under the plugins menu, you will see “JetApps”.
  • Then just click on JetApps>>JetBackup>> Choose a particular version to install and then approve the installation.
  • However, the multiple supported destinations include: Local, Remote SSH, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Back Blaze, and dropbox create the multiple schedules per backup job that run incrementally to save the disk space. You can also add pre/post hooks to any JetBackup function. Moreover, smart Account Filters allowing you to include or exclude all the accounts inside a backup job based on the disk space usage, suspended accounts, reseller accounts, etc. Furthermore, JetBackup will easily register your license once you activate it. The license will be registered to your server IP.

In case if you migrate or replace the server, you will need to reissue the license through our client’s area. After that, under “Management Actions“, you have to click on the reissue License. Now all you need to do is to access the JetBackup by the GUI, and then your license will be reissued using the new server details.

JetBackup License renew

Jetbackup Features:

Some of the main features of jet backup are:

  • Backup on Multi-location for you
  • After the first full backup, the next backup jobs will truly take care of your data and find the change files and backup it to the destination backup easily.
  • JetBackup offers you a lot of options, and some of them are: Full Account Backups, File Backups, Cron Job Backups, DNS Zone Backups

Moreover, it offers you Email Backups, SSL Cert Backups, and Database Backups

How to uninstall jet backup cPanel:-

If you want to know how to stop a jet backup or uninstall JetBackup, you have to run the following process,

  • First of all, you have to log in to the WHM server GUI as root user and navigate to the ‘Cpanel’ option.
  • Then you have to select the ‘Manage Plugin ‘option and just select JetApps from the list of plugins.
  • You can select JetBackup under the JetApps and then click on the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Altogether to remove the JetBackup from your system, you have to run the following command from your server as the root user.

yum remove jetbackup

  • After that, you can run the following command to uninstall JetApps, including the JetApps plugins.

yum remove jetpps


Does JetBackup provide you backup storage?

JetBackup is a unique and amazing backup management software that allows you to choose your own backup destination storage. However, it does not come with its own storage space.

How can I know if there is an error during a backup job?

JetBackup has the best email notification system in which you can easily get email alerts for a lot of jobs/actions/errors in JetBackup

Can I use JetBackup without the root access?

No, in order to properly install the JetBackup software, you must have a licensed cPanel server with full root and SSH access.


JetBackup is the best and full of featured WHM cPanel Plugin software that allows you to run a backup of your server data at any time So, you must let our License save your business cost and get Reliable Support by License Farm. And the reason you chose us is simple, friendly, and experienced support in managing Linux servers and various other software such as cPanel, Directadmin, Cloudlinux, Litespeed, Jetbackup, and Softaculous. We provide free support for everything.

So, you must try it now.

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